Angel Baribeau


In her own Words

As a multi-disciplinary artist, all the art I create, I do so in hopes that my work reflects myself and my surroundings. My main mediums are Singing/Songwriting, Poetry, Body Art, and Recycled Art. All of which I use to convey my hopes, fears, and realities. I have been singing since I was old enough to sing in car rides. I started writing lyrics and poetry when I realized I had more to say than what other’s song permitted me to do. Music is what I am most passionate about, I use it as a platform to voice the struggles I have encountered as an Indigenous, Two Spirited person. I work toward creating content that will inspire my fellow youth; as well as educate them on of the realities and responsibilities of being an Indigenous person in today’s political climate. I use my storytelling abilities to share the traditional legends that were given to me by my Mother. I do this to demonstrate to youth that our culture is still strong and that we have to actively work to keep it that way.

Art Category

Visual Arts:
Sculpture | Paintings | Recycled Art, Body Art

Performing Arts:
Music | Theatre | Poetry, Singing/Songwriting

Traditional & Contemporary:
Beadwork | Printmaking | Sewing, Embroidery

Multidisciplinary Arts:
Literature | Multimedia | Storytelling | Video

Rising Star Award 2021

The Rising Star Award acknowledges an individual’s hard work and dedication to their arts endeavor and who are committed to bringing their art to a professional level.

Angel Baribeau's Music

Videos of Angel Baribeau

Angel Baribeau – Wish We Were Older (Official Music Video)

Angel Baribeau – Wish We Were Older (Acoustic Version)

Angel Baribeau – SAVAGE // Official Lyric Video

ANGEL BARIBEAU at We Day Montreal 2019

Angel Baribeau – Love Is Up The River – Official Video

Photos of Angel Baribeau

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