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List of registered artists and artisans from Eeyou Istchee and surrounding areas.

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Beth Sealhunter

Traditional & Contemporary:
Beadwork | Jewelry
Location: Mistissini


Photo Gallery

Short description of your art.

I create uniquely designed jewelry or I can make the traditional Eeyou style. I incorporate different styles of beadwork using beautiful natural furs, hides, real gem stones or other materials to give it more contemporary look. I also make other accessories and I do some sewing.

Where did you learn your art?

My grandmother Sarah Pisiniquan-Lameboy first taught me to string beads in the bush at a very young age to keep me calm and I escalated to beading on pillow cases or even wood. As I got older I taught myself other skills; I started drawing patterns for my beadwork and did different art techniques as well as painting, embroidery, lampshades, dreamcatchers, little drums etc..

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

My beautiful Eeyou culture was always my inspiration, my ancestors and the gorgeous talents we have all over Eeyou Nation. I was always surrounded by artists; I loved watching my mamma Isabelle knit or Nookum Sarah create with her hides and skins. My aunt Simone made blankets, embroidered scenery (much more), these are just an example of women I looked upto growing up as a child. Now my inspiration is my family and the beauty of life.

Have you received any formal training?

I did follow weekend courses for the following: In chisasibi for "how to make dreamcatchers" in early 90's and also "how to make" fancy shawls" the following year. Friends also taught me other techniques and I check YouTube.

What other art forms do you practice?

I do sew a bit using hides, skins and fabrics. I've also learnt from elders to find herbs in the bush.

Have you ever received any awards or special recognition?

No not for my art. But I do get a lot of compliments from my customers and that's why I continue what I do. Sometimes children will tell you the honest truth and the best compliments at an art show.

Do you sell your work? If so, how?

I sell my work at local Craft sales, Pow-Wows, Chibougamau annual Arts association shows, cyber sales and for April 2021 at the Quebec Northern Jamaisaine Artists Cyber sale. Also I have my personal craft sales.

Please provide any information on your buyers.

I have regular customers from all over. Tourist love to see Eeyou handmade traditional crafts and these are their special gifts they bring home. I do have my returning clients who buy every Christmas for gifts and always for themselves as well. There are also those regular buyers who purchase regularly online or inbox me for private sales.

Please provide any other information you would like to mention.

Each piece of art I make is made in prayer and in meditation. I would like to thank all those who supported me all these years and I will continue doing what I do best and improve my skils as I go along. Whatchiyakw