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List of registered artists and artisans from Eeyou Istchee and surrounding areas.

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Brian Fireman

Performing Arts:
Location: Chisasibi


Short description of your art.

I am a member of the Cree Nation of Chisasibi, a Quebec community located on the northern coast of James Bay. I am a singer, songwriter, musician, and the co-founder of the Cree rock band called Cree Rising. Music is my passion; I compose songs in my native language. I started making my own material before entering a contest back in 2007, which I had won and represented the province of Quebec, where I had appeared at the CBC True North Concert that was held in Iqaluit, Nunavut. In 2016, I recorded an album with my band, Cree Rising, and in 2017, we recorded a single - Fall Like Rain. In the fall of 2019, I had entered a poetry/song writing contest from CNACA, where I had won first place, and this song will be released in the time being. I am currently working on a project, my lyrics reflects the realities of life in the north, and the music I compiled are marked with strong messages with great affection, and I would like to contribute an awareness for our people, since how vastly our culture and language is changing, and through music I am inspired to make an improvement for our youth and for our future generation.

Where did you learn your art?

I am self-taught musician, I have learned to play the keyboard and guitar since I was fourteen later learned to play other musical instruments as I grew up.