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Matt Iserhoff

Performing Arts:
Music | Audio Engineer, Producer, Singer/Songwriter

Location: Whapmagoostui

Website: https://www.facebook.com/mattiserhoffofficial/

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Short description of your art.

My music has traditional and contemporary elements with the Iyiyuu Language incorporated in some of the songs. The Music covers many genre's but would fall under a Pop sound.

Where did you learn your art?

I grew up around music as my parents would perform in our living room to the likes of Gordon Lightfoot and many other artists of the time. I would hear all kinds of music from CCR, Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Fleetwood Mac and so much more. As I came of age, I discovered more music of many genre's. I cannot say that I had a favourite as they were all my favourite! I took Piano Lessons in elementary for a period of 4 years and also was a part of the Protestant School Board of Great Montreal's Choir around the same time for about 2-3 years. I eventually learned to play guitar around the age of 18. I also learned a little about traditional chanting and much later would learn to drum on traditional small drums and the big drum. In essence, the learning continues to this day!

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

Inspiration comes through life experiences which includes our cultural ways. A song can linger around and it is up to you to catch it.

Have you received any formal training?

Refer to the section "Where did you learn your art?"

Have you ever received any awards or special recognition?

Garnered awards from The Cree Native Arts and Crafts in 2011, a Juno Award for "Aboriginal Album of the year" in 2011 and a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for "Best Songwriter of the year" in 2010 when I was in the group CerAmony. We are currently on hiatus for an indefinite time.

Do you sell your work? If so, How?

Just released a single titled "Iyiyuu Lullaby" on various Download and streaming sites. My first solo album is set to be released soon!

Has your art work ever been mentioned in any media?

Yes, on CBC and other Canadian Media outlets including the Nation.

Please provide any other information you would like to mention.

Brief Biography: A multi-faceted indigenous musical artist hailing from the Cree territory of Quebec, Canada, Matthew is a former member of the Juno Award winning band CerAmony. They won the Aboriginal Album of the year in 2011 for their debut album. Also gaining a following and picking up several awards from their region and a Canadian Aboriginal Music Award for Songwriter(s) of the year in 2010 for their debut album. Incorporating traditional elements (chanting and drumming) in some of his music, Matthew has been preparing to complete a solo debut album. His influences vary from traditional drum and chanting, to being inspired by the many genres of popular music since the dawn of recording. His singing days began when singing the Canadian National Anthem in his hometown of Mistissini Lake, Quebec as a young 4 year old. He gained more experience taking piano lessons as a young lad and taking part in the Protestant School Board of Greater Montreal Choir in 1989-1990. He then grew into performing popular songs of the time at various events in the region he lived. Since leaving CerAmony, Matthew has grown and worked on various projects including contributing to the N’we Jinan Volume 1 album which toured in the James Bay Region of Quebec. It also reached the top 10 on the iTunes Hip Hop Chart. He also produced mixded and co-wrote a Local Youth Album with the Whapmagoostui First Nation Youth Department under the guidance of its Youth Animator and Whapmagoostui First Nation Youth Council. The Album is set to be released soon! Many side projects include working on Musical scores, local radio advertisements, Radio Jingles and themes while living in Whapmagoostui, Quebec Canada. The work is on-going. Other collaborations and projects are in the works as he prepares for his debut solo album!