Brendan Forward

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts As a self taught-artist, Brendan has dedicated 5 years to building his skill set. Brendan is a photography based in Mistissini,QC. His main focus is on landscape photography, astrophotography but also enjoys traditional and contemporary subjects. He believes that “lifelong learning and artistic success are inseparable and continues to […]

Vivianne Oullet-Sheshamush

Visual Arts, Traditional & Contemporary As a self-taught artist, Vivianne began her exploration with body paint by creating characters on people’s faces. She then experimented with different types of body art such as landscapes. She finds her inspiration from her hometown of Whapmagoostui with the use of vivid colors and glitter as part of her […]

Chris Sam

Performing Arts – Multidisciplinary Arts Chris has been practicing music for the past 20 years and has studied the “Music industry Arts” program at Algonquian College and has successfully coproducer an album with his band Cree Rising. Chris became involved in the music scene as a teenager with the recording of the Youth Compilation album […]

Samuel Mianscum

Performing Arts, Traditional & Contemporary At the age of 7, Samuel was taught how to play an acoustic guitar from his father. From an early age, he sought the knowledge of how to make “mookadagan”/ crooked knives from local elders. “Inspiration comes when you least expect it and you have to be ready to capture […]

Izaak Wapachee

Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Multidisciplinary Arts Izaak produces in a multitude of different art forms, but his main focus in within the music industry. He plays a variety of different instruments, he can also record, produce and perform live. In his musical career, he has played in over 100 shows. From the age of eight, […]

Buckley Petawabano

To the general public, Buckley Petawabano is best known for his acting career. For the Cree Nation, he is known for so much more than that. In the late 60’s, Buckley acted in a Canadian television series called ‘Adventures in Rainbow Country’. His character called Pete Gawa was one of the first regular First Nations […]

Celina Wapachee

Growing up with music at home, it was pretty obvious Celina Wapachee would find a passion for music as well. Born in Matagami and raised in Nemaska, she found support from her parents, and began singing and writing at the age of 12, and started to sing for the public at 15. Celina has been […]

Daisy Moar

Born in Jack River near Eastmain, Daisy Moar was raised by her grandparents. At 12, she went to Residential school. Since 1978, Daisy has dedicated a lot of time ensuring our Cree culture and language is kept strong today. Although retired in 2007, Daisy still takes time to do Cree translations. She even provides Cree […]

Mariame Hasni

For Mariame Hasni, a passion for music developed early on in childhood. She remembers listening to the radio with her father and they would sing together. Following that passion, she learned by listening to other musicians and the Latin artist Selena significantly inspired as a child. Mariame has been singing all her life but she […]

Sanders Weistche

Born in Nooskan, at the mouth of Broadback river out on Rupert Bay, Sanders Weistche grew up to excel in the art of snowshoe making. At age 14, he began to try, to learn because he saw the challenge to create something unique, and the opportunity as there was a lot of demand. He saw […]