Catherine Orr

Photographer / Film Maker Entrepreneur / Artist

Brief Bio

Catherine Orr, born in Chisasibi and raised in Nemaska. She picked up photography at the age of 14 and pursued the profession for several years. This led her on a journey of discovering various art forms as well as being exposed to several different artists. Eventually she started to dive into beading and various other activities around traditional crafting, ultimately spawning the idea of Cvltvre Bead. 

Through her knowledge gained via various fields, she combined them to form the business which allows her to put her skills and knowledge to use. Her grandmother operated a bead store in Chisasibi some time ago, and this came to light after the fact. She learned from stories and such to help carry on that legacy but also expand on it. 

Today, Cvltvre Bead’s motto is “Culture Through Craft” in which she hopes that she can help various indigenous groups get in touch with their culture through traditional crafting, as well as offering beading patterns, history, and knowledge in hopes of being apart of the culture revitalization we see happening nowadays.

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