Daisy Moar

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Brief Bio

Born in Jack River near Eastmain, Daisy Moar was raised by her grandparents. At 12, she went to Residential school. Since 1978, Daisy has dedicated a lot of time ensuring our Cree culture and language is kept strong today. Although retired in 2007, Daisy still takes time to do Cree translations. She even provides Cree singing training. For Daisy, our Cree language is very important to pass on to young people, but sewing is just as important to Daisy.

Daisy first learned to sew when she got married in 1958 at the age of 16. Having only learned how to speak in Cree growing up, that same year, she also learned to read and write in Cree. After marrying, Daisy mostly lived on the land with her husband. It was there, under the guidance of Kitty Moar and others; Daisy began to learn to sew. After decades of practice, it is now Daisy who teachers others to sew. After a CNACA sewing course, Daisy’s students did not wish for the course to end, they wanted to keep learning from her. Daisy hopes what she passes on, with her sewing, will be passed on in generations to come, and it is because of this hope and her ongoing dedication, she is presented with this award tonight.

Art Tradition Award 2013

This award is presented to the individual female that through their work, they have demonstrated their dedication and commitment to preserve traditional art in Eeyou Istchee.

Daisy Moar


Videos of Daisy Moar

Daisy Moar accepting the Art Tradition (Female) award – CNACA Achievements Awards

Photos of Daisy Moar

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