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Eeyou Online Poetry & Song Writing competition has been extended to Friday, Nov. 8, 12:00 pm

Ouje-Bougoumou, June 28, 2019– The Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association in collaboration with Counseil des arts de Montreal and Cree Nation Youth Council are pleased to announce the Eeyou Online Poetry & song writing competition. Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries, submissions are now open until November 8, 2019. All submissions must be recorded and submitted via “we transfer” to Sarah Dow-Imrie – Special Projects & Events Coordinator at To register and become a member, please visit our website at

General guidelines for submissions for all ages:

One submission only
Must be in Cree
Must be new work, never been professionally recorded
Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries

Song writing & Poetry writing/song writing: Youth prizes (Ages 10-17)

1st: $1000 1st: $300
2nd: $750 2nd: $250
3rd: $500 3rd: $200
Honorable mention: $250 Honorable mention: $150
Special language prize: $250 Special language prize: $150

18+ criteria and judging:

  • At least 3 stanzas with 3 lines (only one refrain)
  • Posted on-line on CNACA Facebook page for judging
  • Special Language prize determined by coastal and inland Language Ambassadors

Ages 10-17 criteria and judging:

  • At least 2 stanzas with 3 lines
  • Sung or read
  • Judging to be done by Language Ambassadors
  • Must be a new work, never been professionally recorded or published

Deadline for submissions: Oct. 30 th , 2019

  • Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries
  • Must be a CNACA member, $15 annual fee, (not applicable for 10-17
    attending school)

Criteria for judging,
1) Is the performer noticeably engaged in delivering their piece?
2) Is there is an identifiable theme?
3) Does the piece support the theme?
4) Does the piece invoke a feeling?
5) Does the piece make use of vivid language?

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