CNACA is looking for entries for the Eeyou Online Poetry & Song Writing competition

Ouje-Bougoumou, June 28, 2019– The Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association in collaboration with Counseil des arts de Montreal and Cree Nation Youth Council are pleased to announce the Eeyou Online Poetry & song writing  competition. Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries, submissions are now open until October 30th, 2019. All submissions must be recorded and submitted via “we transfer” to Communications & Marketing Officer Roxanne Mianscum at To register and become a member, please visit our website at

Criteria for the competition is as is; for ages 18+, participants must have at least 3 stanza’s with three lines (only one refrain). Posted Online on CNACA Facebook page for judging and special language prize determined by coastal and inland language ambassadors. For ages 10-17, participants must have two stanza’s with three lines. Sung or reading.

General guidelines for submissions for all ages:

One submission only
Must be in Cree
Must be new work, never been professionally recorded
Open to all JBNQA beneficiaries

Song writing & Poetry writing/song writing:                      Youth prizes (Ages 10-17)

1st: $1000                                                                                      1st: $300
2nd: $750                                                                                      2nd: $250
3rd: $500                                                                                       3rd: $200
Honorable mention: $250                                                        Honorable mention: $150
Special language prize: $250                                                   Special language prize: $150

For more information, please contact the following:

Roxanne Mianscum
Communications & Marketing Officer
Work: 418-745-2444 ext. 3693