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Inland baby rattle and moccasin making- March 20-22, 2019

Create an opportunity for the passing of knowledge and tradition in cree, With traditional teachers Alice Shecapio-Blacksmith and teacher Judy Shecapio-Blacksmith, Ouje’s elder Charlie Bosum was the teacher for the baby rattle workshop- he provided materials needed for the rokshop, such as crooked knives for all participants. He also took the time to prepare the hides for use and hung the rattle frames at his camp for fast-drying so we could complete the project in three days. Throughout the three day workshop, we had guest speakers talk about the reinforce the importance of maintaining culture and tradition in constructing a strong family unit and to also promote the arts and crafts industry as a viable source of income. We had guest speaker Wayne Rabbitskin present on the effects of inter-generational trauma through his own personal story. He discussed the important role fathers play in the lives of their children and about the concept of ‘forgiveness’. Wednesday, we invited Cree Nation Government Cree Language Coordinator, Dorothy Stewart. She spoke about the importance of maintaining the Cree language in the home, how it is the parents’ responsibility to maintain this important aspect of culture. We also had a discussion for the moms on the use of the ‘moss bag’ and how it provides security for babies. Thursday, we welcomed Mistissini storyteller Thomas Coon. He entertained the group with amusing stories that had deep messages about the commitment to such family values as protection, sharing and humility.

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