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JOB POSTING: Executive Director

Executive Director

The Executive Director is responsible for implementing the vision, the mission and orientations taken by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee; Reporting to the Board of Directors and Executive Committee, he/she will provide positive leadership and will undertake management activities such as providing overall planning, direction, coordination and control of human, material and financial resources to structure and develop a sound organization for a bright future. He/she will develop a strong organizational culture that will make CNACA a good place for work and interactions.

He/she will oversee the day-to-day operations of the organization as well as taking necessary strategic decisions for the organization’s needs and development. He/she will develop fruitful collaborations and strategic relations with relevant Cree and non-Cree organizations or individuals. ln time, he/she will be the guardian of a positive corporate image of CNACA in Quebec, Canada and abroad.


  • Develop and implement action plans that reflect the direction and policies established by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee to structure and develop a sound organization.
  • Actively seek funding from governments, the private sector and other sources for the responsibilities associated with this position and for development, promotion, support and expansion of Cree native arts and crafts activities in Eeyou lstchee;
  • Communicate effectively and work closely with other CNACA personnel to prepare regular progress reports;
  • Develop and implement a Cree Central Marketing Service that will assist individual Crees or Cree communities in the marketing and related services for Cree arts and crafts and make available such material and equipment for the creation of native arts and crafts;
  • Encouraging the growth and development of artistic vision within the Cree community through workshops, classes, fostering Natives traditions and culture within arts and crafts;
  • Ensure effective and consistent communications with Cree stakeholders concerning all aspects of Cree native arts and crafts promotion and support in Eeyou lstchee;
  • Organize and coordinate promotional and artistic events to promote Cree artists and craftsmen;
  • Ensure the growth of a Local Arts and Crafts Committee in each community;
  • Attend relevant events and productions, workshops, meetings and conferences, as approved by the Board of Directors and Executive Committee;
  • Promote, with other personnel, a positive image of CNACA’s members and of the Cree Nation to Quebec, Canada and the international community;
  • Represent CNACA’s interests and work toward common goals with organizations operating in and around Eeyou lstchee;
  • Managing overall quality/pricing ratio and deadlines of all projects and mandates given to consultants;
  • Develop, when appropriate, cost recovery activities, including membership fees, retail goods, and fee-for-services.
  • Continually researching areas relevant to CNACA and Cree native arts and crafts including namely relevant, research about Cree culture, arts and crafts;
  • Undertaking related duties as they arise from time to time in fulfillment of the job as Executive Director.


  • A College or Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, Art History, Art Education, Commerce, Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Organizational Development or related field. Equivalent work experience, responsibility and training will be considered;
  • Providing positive leadership at work when interacting with individuals and groups;
  • Ability to manage and motivate personnel as well as ability to allocate financial resources effectively and efficiently;
  • Action driven personality with strong morality and dedication to sustainable community development;
  • Have a good working knowledge of sustainable development concepts and applications;
  • Proven capacity of autonomy and strong analytic ability to take solely important decisions with minimum amount of supervision or orientations;
  • Ability to communicate effectively in English and French, both written and oral; Knowledge of Cree is an asset;
  • Due to the international nature of the work, knowledge of additional languages and cultures would be considered desirable;
  • Knowledge and experience working with Cree communities and in the context of the Cree culture;
  • Knowledge of basic computer software, programs and applications;
  • CNACA may waive all or any of the aforementioned requirements if it finds a suitable candidate and who accepts, as a condition of employment, to follow a training plan determined by CNACA.


  • Cree pension plan
  • Group insurance plan
  • Team outings and activities
  • Spring & fall cultural leaves
  • Training and employee capacity building
  • Travel to events and tradeshows

Terms of Employment

This employment would be subject to a determined employment contract of one year, renewable upon agreement by both parties.

Salary for the above position will be commensurate with the qualifications and experience of the applicant.  CNACA offers competitive salary and benefits and offers equal opportunities to men and women.

Start Date: To be negotiated.

Please send your application by mail, fax or e-mail to:

Dale Cooper
Executive Director (Interim)

Tel: (418) 745-2444 ext. 3333

Cell: (581) 445-0521

Fax: (418) 745-2324

Send application to CNACA Administration:

Date of Original Posting: September 15, 2023

Date of Reposting: November 8, 2023

Closing Date: December 15, 2023 (5pm)


Mission of the Cree Native Arts & Crafts Association

To diversify and grow a sustainable cultural economy in Eeyou Istchee involving partnerships among Cree artists, artisans and Cree communities that will preserve, promote and enhance the heritage of the Eeyou/Eenou Nation while encouraging contemporary means of expression that maintain Cree culture, values, traditions and skills.

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