Jossée Bernier


Brief Bio

Jossée Bernier is an Oujé-Bougoumou Eenou passionate about self expression and interpersonal development. With an educational background in Indigenous Wellness and Addictions Prevention from Canadore College, she is currently developing her professional portfolio through her work with the Cree School Board’s Mikwchiyam arts concentration program as an emerging artist as well as freelancing for several Cree nation entities. 

As a self taught interdisciplinary artist, her work is dedicated to voicing the beauty of Eeyou Istchee and bringing channeled visions to life. Throughout her young career, she has been appointed several different awards in her community such as the ‘Women In Creative Arts and Music’ award as well as the ‘Youth Achievement Award for Artistic Talent’.

Jossée has also been performing musically since the age of 15 and has been featured at many different Festivals, events and community gatherings held throughout Eeyou Istchee and Quebec. She also currently holds the title of Miss Oujé-Bougoumou.

Art Category

Visual Arts:
Paintings | Photography | Screen Printing

Performing Arts:
Music | Theatre | Dance | Singer/Songwriter

Traditional & Contemporary:
Traditional Knowledge Object | Traditional Embroidery & Sewing

Multidisciplinary Arts:
Storytelling | Video | Multimedia

Videos of Jossée Bernier

Jossée Bernier – Like Everybody Else (Lennon Stella Cover)

Photos of Jossée Bernier's Art

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