Katie-Joy Sealhunter Matoush

Beading / Sewing

Brief Bio

Katie-Joy Sealhunter Matoush originates from the Cree Community of Mistissini. She began beading and sewing at a young age at the family table.

Watching her Great Grandmother Phyllis Matthew sew is what led her to fall in love with the creativity and skill at a young age. She found Inspiration and encouragement from her late Great Grandmother.

Her mother Anita-Rose Sealhunter Matoush continues to inspire and encourage her as she establishes herself as an artist/entrepreneur. Both play an instrumental role and acknowledges their family support.

As an artist, hard work and commitment plays an important discipline and she does not shy away from putting long hours into her work.

Her artwork and showcase can be found on her Facebook page ‘Katie-Joy’s Beadwork’. She continues to work hard and has earned notice from many throughout the Cree Nation and abroad.

Art Category

Traditional & Contemporary
Beading | Sewing

Contemporary Arts Award 2021

Presented to an artist or artisan who has achieved excellence and innovation in utilizing Eeyou traditional arts and crafts as an inspiration for creating contemporary art.

Katie-Joy Sealhunter Matoush


Photos of Katie-Joy Sealhunter Matoush's Art

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