Local Arts Committees

Mandate of the Local Arts Committee

The establishment of the Local Arts Committees is stipulated under the section 28.7.3 of the JBNQA with the primary mandate in conformity with the role of the regional association, to support the development of a Cree arts and crafts economy in Eeyou Istchee.

The Local Art & Crafts Committee must be recognized by the local government and are composed of 3-5 members in diverse artistic files. The following are a few examples of the potential activities that the Local Arts Committees can undertake based on the local needs:

  • Being a voice for artists at the local level.
  • Setting the strategic direction to guide the artistic needs of its’ members and community.
  • Generally responding to the needs of the local members.
  • Facilitating access to materials (raw or other material).
  • Gathering products made by artists of the LAC and through a CNACA marketing network, shipping products to a CNACA selling point (eventually through Wachiya).
  • Promoting local arts and crafts and traditional know-how (targeting youth, schools, population in general).
  • Managing training in arts and crafts.
  • Managing arts and crafts events suitable for the local community.
  • Certifying quality and authenticity of products (with guidance and assistance from CNACA).
  • Making representations at the local political level to support artists and artisans and stimulate collaborations with other local organizations.
  • Mounting membership drives (Active/Associated/Corporate).

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