Mandy Gull Masty

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In her own Words

My purpose for starting House of Eeyou was based on my experience travelling throughout the Cree territory and seeing firsthand the beauty of the environment and wildlife. I decided to create products that showcase and celebrate the beauty of Eeyou Istchee traditional territory and the unique culture and stories of the Cree Nation. My late mother was a beader and I was pleased that she passed me cultural skills Such as crafting and beadwork. 

I spent a lot of time beading during the pandemic lockdown and focus on trying to create my own style of beadwork. Also, I decided to start a project trying to gain skill and how to market and brand products so I created House of Eeyou has a small project to practice with. After using social media I felt a big reception from EEYOUCH and I really wanted to offer Indigenous products that are created for everyone – that can be worn with pride as a person of indigenous ancestry or proud supporter of honoring indigenous culture. 

I try to develop or create products that are based on THE EEYOU that are sustainably made, hand crafted in a slow process with elements that are wild, harvested or representative of our indigenous story as much as possible.

I am really proud to be Eeyou and I want others to feel that same pride. I worked on developing an indigenous brand for EVERYONE – that can be worn, used, or purchased with pride as a person of indigenous ancestry or as a proud supporter of Indigenous cultures. I believe this is best way to share the Cree way of life. 

Thank you to everyone who supported my project and continue to wear my beadwork and show the beauty of Eeyou istchee. 


Mandy Gull-Masty


Photos of Mandy Gull-Masty's Art

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