Miyawbin Wapachee


Brief Bio

Miyawbin Wapachee, lived in Nemaska and later moved to Chisasibi with her family. She is the daughter of Bertie Wapachee and Gloria Paskagumeskum Wapachee. 

She is inspired by the work of her grandmas and aunties. She started sewing at 13 when she learned basic skills in her Cree culture class. She continued to update her skills by attending arts and crafts workshops, and learns from teachers, elders and co-workers at Chisasibi Heritage and Cultural Center. 

Miyawbin enjoys sitting with elders and learned from them the importance of preserving and keeping this part of Cree culture alive for future generations. She showcases her art on her facebook page: MW’s Projects, which include Waspsooyan/baby hats, Moccasins/wrap around/duffles, beadwork and many others.

Miyawbin Wapachee


Photos of Miyawbin Wapachee

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