W. Gray


Artist / Entrepreneur

Brief Bio

Nellie W. Gray is 40 years and is from Mistissini. She has 3 children of her own, a stepson, 3 grandchildren and her husband by her side. She currently works in administration at Cree Nation Government. During her spare time, she does work as an artisan and runs her small business “Gookum Nellie’s Crafts”. She is passionate about learning everything she can from her mother who passes down her knowledge of culture to her, her siblings and anyone that wants to learn. Like her mother, her love of teaching what she knows with anyone that wants to learn is also her drive. Nellie has been sewing and beading for about 17 years now. She has started her small business only in the last 5 years and has started giving workshops in the last year and a half. Nellie hopes to one day turn this passion into a full-time career.

Traditional Arts Award 2021

Presented to an artist or artisan who has achieved excellence or has made a significant contribution to Eeyou traditional arts and crafts.

Nellie W. Gray


Photos of Nellie W. Gray

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