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We offer a range of programs and services to meet the growing needs of our artists and artisans

CNACA Sponsorship Program

We provide sponsorship to all eligible members of the Cree Arts and Crafts Association. The Sponsorship program is designed to increase opportunities for our members and support their artistic and career development in the arts, including the purchase of supplies and equipment.

Deadline for submissions are : April 1st, July 1st, October 1st and February 1st.

Next submission deadline in :


Arts Promotion Program

We amplify Cree artists’ stories and work through our various publications and online presence. We celebrate Cree cultural heritage and recognize excellence in craftsmanship through a variety of awards and shows. We provide a space for dialogue and action by organizing marketplace events in Eeyou Istchee. 

Fostering Cree arts and crafts as a professional activity producing authentic and high-quality work requires national and international networking opportunities. In addition to facilitating networking and collaboration between artists, CNACA promotes Cree arts and crafts at key exhibitions, conferences and trade related events, such as Salon des metiers d’arts (Montreal), Canadian Aboriginal Festival (Toronto), and various trade missions abroad.

Training & Education Program

Investing in knowledge transmission and upskilling in the arts and crafts is the cornerstone of CNACA’s capacity development mandate. Over the years we have successfully conducted a variety of popular training sessions, both in traditional knowledge and production techniques, such as moose hide tanning, sewing and tamarack decoy building, as well as business development and marketing. 

CNACA continues to offer training and education programs that are geared to the needs and priorities of Cree artists and artisans. Contact our staff to find out about upcoming training sessions or to propose ideas for new training opportunities.

$500 Bursary Program

The CNACA Bursary Program provides a $500 bursary to graduating high school Cree students who excel in the field of arts and crafts, and who distinguish themselves in their dedication to preserving and enhancing Cree culture, values, traditions and skills. The objective of the program is to support a new generation of aspiring artists and artisans with a strong commitment to their artistic development. The program accepts nominations by a teacher or guidance counsellor, for students who have demonstrated exceptional creative ability and dedication to the arts.

Gateway Information Center

Many programs exist that Cree artists can apply for, namely from CALQ, SODEC, Canada Council for the Arts, and others. However, most artists are not aware of these programs. CNACA acts as a one-stop-shop for artists seeking funding. The CNACA Program Officer can help determine which grants an artist is eligible for, and offers help in filling out application documents.

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