The NorthStars


Rap Duo

Brief Bio

Melodic storytellers The NorthStars are an energetic yet laid back hip hop duo from Nemaska, Quebec. Heavy hitters in the Northern Cree Music scene, members Elton J. Salt and Gary Jolly deliver an authentic experience, fusing gritty dark beats with bright acoustic pop notes. Beasts on the mic, rap singer songwriters Salt and Jolly aim to make change and inspire a generation through an authentic approach and performance.

Performing Arts Award 2021

Presented to an artist or group who has achieved excellence or has made a significant contribution to the field of performing arts, including theater, music, dance, etc.

The NorthStar's Music

Videos of The NorthStars

The Northstars – “MONSTERS”

The Northstars – “SHOW ME YOUR STYLE”

The NorthStars – “CHAMPIONS” – Official Music Video

The NorthStars – “DREAMS” – Official Music Video (feat. Angel Baribeau)

Photos of The NorthStars

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