Theresa MacLeod


Photography / Graphic Design

Brief Bio

Theresa MacLeod Loon is a photographer, graphic designer and illustrator from Mistissini.  She is the daughter of Luke and Alice MacLeod, wife to James Loon, and mother to Mila. 

Since a young age, Theresa has always had a passion for the arts, including drawing, beading, sewing and photography. She recently started her own business, “Photography & Design by Theresa MacLeod Loon”. Since then, she has already won multiple logo contests. 

Theresa provides a wide range of photography services, from stunning maternity photoshoots to the beautiful sunsets of Mistissini. In 2020, Theresa received the Photography Award from the Mistissini Youth Department.

Art Category

Visual Arts:
Photography | Graphic Design

Traditional & Contemporary:

Theresa's Business

Theresa is the owner of “Photography & Design by Theresa Macleod Loon” where she offers services in G graphic design and photography.

Theresa MacLeod's Photos

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