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Vivianne is an up and coming young artist from the small fly-in Cree community of Whapmagoostui, Quebec.  She draws inspiration for her acrylics on canvas from the majestic and humbling landscapes that surround her home.  She has a unique ability to capture the mesmerizing northern lights and create pieces that tell the story of her deep Cree Cultural roots.

As a self-taught artist, Vivianne began her exploration with body paint by creating characters on people’s faces. She then experimented with different types of body art such as landscapes. She finds her inspiration from her hometown of Whapmagoostui with the use of vivid colors and glitter as part of her work. Vivianne also began bead work “as a therapeutic endeavour.” “I occasionally offer my makeup skills for special events and for project collaborations. I enjoy using calligraphy in a lot of my artwork.”, says Vivianne. You can find her work available for purchase online on her Facebook page or Instagram page.

In addition to acrylics, Vivianne is a third generation beader. Learning the basics as a child from her grandmother, she has developed her own style by incorporating traditional motifs with contemporary materials.

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Vivianne Oullet-Sheshamush


Photos of Vivianne and her Art

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